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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Filip, and I am an artist currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. I have worked in the game industry for more than 9 years, and am currently at Warhorse studios as part of the team developing Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I am still trying to improve my skills in my free time by working on personal art and other projects. I am open to interesting opportunities, so feel free to get in touch by email, or by skype (is_filip_novy). You can also find me on CGSociety and ArtStation.

I have worked on various game and video projects as a 3d artist including Mafia 2 and its DLCs for 2K, Miner Wars and H.R. Giger's Art in Motion. I am currently working at Warhorse Studios on Kingdom Come: Deliverance. More details can be found here. My personal art work, which you can also see here, has been published in books and magazines such as Expose, Digital Art Masters, Prime The Definitive Digital Art Collection, Zbrush Character Sculpting Vol. 1, ZBrush Characters & Creatures3d creatives, 3d World and 3d Artist.